Road Cycling for 02:43:53 at 75 % of MaxHR on Fri 21-Apr-2017 09:21

Dave Jones
Multiply FitTrack Index™: 45.6
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, South Africa
Garmin Edge 500
172 max HR  
Training Plan
Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge - Advanced (8 week)

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Date and Time: Fri 21-Apr-2017 09:21 Duration: 02:43:53
Activity: Road Cycling Heart Rate Avg: 75 % of MaxHR
Altitude: 787m (max) - 0m (min) Altitude: 0m (asc) - 0m (desc)
Distance: 61.6 km Comment: RP3 


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Heart Rate and Speed

Dave doesn't allow the view of heart rate chart.