This integration provides a mechanism for you the client to synchronise your FitBit account to FitTrack, allowing automatic uploading from FitBit to FitTrack.

Sign up for FitBit

  • Purchase a new FitBit device (or have an existing device).
  • Your FitBit device has a platform to automatically upload workouts.
  • Create a profile on that platform and upload your workouts
  • Create a profile on the Fitbit platform


  • Create a profile on FitTrack
  • The final step would be to connect your FitBit account to FitTrack via this link: Connect To FitBit

This would then mean that any workout uploaded to your FitBit account would be carried through to FitTrack automatically via the integrtion, making the whole experience far more painless.

De-activate FitBit – Fittrack integration

  • Login to your FitBit Profile
  • Visit “Settings”
  • Click on “My Apps”
  • Fittrack will appear on the list of Apps and simply “Revoke Access”