Got a heart rate monitor such from one of the leading brands such as Polar or Garmin? Click on your brand below to get more information on exactly what to do. When adding a new workout, select the file upload option.  Follow the instructions for the specific heart rate monitor that you have:

- Polar Heart Rate Monitors
- Garmin Edge and ForeRunner Series
- PowerTap / PowerAgent

Once the file is uploaded, the page will show the file data.  Click the Save button once you've confirmed the data is correct.

Polar Personal Trainer

Step 1:
Log in to

Step 2:
Go to Training/Diary and select List view from the upper right corner of the Diary.

Step 3:
Select the items you want to export by ticking the check box left of the desired calendar item.

Step 4:
Click on Export Selected button. A Save as dialog appears prompting you to Open or Save the generated XML file.

Step 5:

Select the saved training file and upload.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Step 1: Select Your Device
Select the correct your Polar heart rate monitor.

Step 2: Max Heart Rate
Fill in your max heart rate.

Step 3: Select The Training File
Most Polar files are stored in the c:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Precision Performance\[Athlete]\[Year] directory. A directory example would be: c:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Precision Performance\Andrew\2011. Be sure to select the .HRM file.

Step 4: Click Upload

Garmin Connect

Step 1:  Select your activity from Garmin Connect
Go to, and select your activities.

Step 2:  Select The Activity
Once the activities are open, select the activity you'd like to export by clicking on the name of the activity.

Step 3:  Export The File
Export the file from the Garmin Connect by clicking the gear icon, and select the .TCX file format

Step 3:  Upload To FitTrack
Save the exported file, and upload it to FItTrack.

Garmin Edge and ForeRunner Series

Step 1:  Export From Garmin Training Center
Open Garmin Training Center.  Right click on the workout and select Export. The save pop-up will appear. Select a place to save the file, such as your desktop.

Step 2: Select Your Device
Select your Garmin heart rate monitor.

Step 3: Max Heart Rate
Fill in your max heart rate.

Step 4: Select The Exported Training File
Click browse and select the saved file that was exported using Garmin Training Center.

Step 5: Click Upload

PowerTap / PowerAgent



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